Even though DiamondLyte products are easy to use and install, if you have specific questions browse our Frequently Asked Questions below for quick and easy answers.

What is a LED based light source?
Traditionally the industry standard has been fluorescent/incandescent lighting, which in comparison is power inefficient, generates high heat levels and often requires large housings. LED lamps and LED Edge-Lit light components are now beginning to replace traditional lighting sources, with this new, “green” lighting technology.

Why is your LED Edge-Lit Light Panels better than other existing offerings?
Our latest 3rd generation LED light technology, is based on years of industry experience. The use of a unique etching process, Diamond Sunburst Etching (DSE), allows for unmatched brightness and extremely well balanced light coverage. Coupled with the best available ‘Edge-Lit LED lighting components, we can now offer a variety of light-boxes, light panels and architectural lighting solutions, for a wide variety of applications.

The result is a display that provides many benefits over current technologies

  • Cooler than traditional displays
  • Super Slim, making for attractive and versatile signage
  • Exceptionally energy efficient, much lower power consumptions
  • Versatile in size, shape and configuration
  • Far longer light life – up to 10 times conventional lighting
  • 1/10th of mercury content than conventional lights
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simplifies long term operations
What is 3rd generation DiamondLyte?
LED lighting technology has been evolving over the years.
  • 1st generation is metal plated led studs on the back of the sign panel which evolved into “Dot” light guide panel. Which requires Prism and a diffusion panel. Too often in larger size panels, brightness was compromised
  • 2nd generation is edge lit and the light transmitted via V-cut path panel. This light transmission medium had its limitation with distance to disperse light evenly. Another drawback is that transparent film cannot be used on this back panel
  • 3rd generation DiamondLyte overcomes all previous limitations. Our new, patented Diamond Sunburst Engraving (DSE) technique is a unique process, which creates this next generation light panel. Large scales sizes can now be used without any loss of brightness, and with an extremely well balanced lighting appearance
  • In short summary, our sign is brighter, sharper, lighter in weight, versatile, can be made as large as needed and more efficient!
What is DSE?
“Diamond Sunburst Engraving” is a process, where under computer control, a compound is used to uniquely etch the panel surface. These microscopic etched paths transmit light across the panels in an evenly dispersed manner. We have utilized, our worldwide patent for semi-conductor waffle etching technology to create this light transmission panel medium. Prior to DiamondLyte, technology, this scale of size and brightness was never attainable. With DiamondLyte and DSE innovation, we have overcome the traditional barriers to size and brightness

How do we change the back-lit film graphics?

Majority of our signs are snap frames. It averages one minute or less to change the film content. We also have open cap series that are used for box or enclosure applications for both interior and exterior presentations.

What types of film can be used?
It accepts virtually any graphic transparencies and can be sourced through any reputable printing house. We do have recommend printing suppliers or we can handle your requirements. We do have recommended guidelines for best results.

Do the graphics have plastics or glass in the fronts?
For added protection and depending upon location, you have the option to add a thin protective plastic protector sheet or an acrylic panel over the image.

What companies are behind DiamondLyte?
Diversified Systems, (DS - was founded by Fred D’Alessandro in 1993. Currently DS has five branch offices in the USA plus global presences. DS is a leading full service engineering, design and systems Integration Company, servicing a wide array of Corporate 300 and Broadcast/Media companies, providing Audio / Visual, IPTV, Studios, Control Centers and IT solutions.

Our affiliated company Diversified Media Group (DMG - is led by John Melillo and has been very successful in providing Digital Signage systems, content management services, IPTV and Network Management Solutions.

The combination of DS, DMG, DiamondLyte, offers the widest group of communication solutions available today.

What are the applications?
Interior/ exterior signage, light panel applications, traditional light-boxes, lighting fixtures, architectural light solutions, artistic graphic displays, and can be combined with standard LED monitors for a blend of static and active media.

Who are the potential customers that will benefit from DiamondLyte products?
Below are several potential customers:
Hotels/ Casinos/ Theatres/ Education Facilities/ Government Agencies/ Airports/ Bus Stops/ Subway and Rail Stations/ Large Corporations/ Retailers/ Any Franchise Operations/ Car Dealers/ Information Kiosks/ Events/ Trade Shows/ Sports Venues/ Restaurants/ Entertainments Venues/ Supermarkets/ Hospitals/ Department Stores/ POP Locations/ Sign Companies/ Advertising Agencies/ Marketing Companies

In short, any place where high impact communication and/or branding is required, or for unique architectural lighting solutions.

What is largest single panel size available today?
How big can you make the signs? Currently we can make single panel up to 6.6’ (2,000mm) x 20’(6,096mm). DiamondLyte produces the largest single panel sign of this type in the World. Using our Multi Panel Light System (MPLS), we can couple several panels together, for extremely large light panel displays

How would it be installed?
Hardware clips are provided and depending upon the application, a sign frame can be easily modified for different installation needs. We offer design services for custom mounting needs.

How long is the lead time?
Standard size items can be shipped out of our warehouse within days. For custom sizes or a special application, it may take a few weeks to manufacture.

What is the product warranty?
One (1) year. Any misuse or alteration of the product will void the warranty.

How is it serviced?
Our signs are highly reliable but if service is required, it is an extremely simple process to change lights. For large custom applications or multiple site installations, we can provide maintenance & service contracts, and project management.

How do I become a rep or a dealer?
Contact us via e-mail at or call 908.445.2510.

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