Custom LED Lit DisplayIf your requirements are unique in size, shape or physical adaptation, our DiamondLyte Panels can be customized to meet the most demanding applications.

We can provide large scale panel sizes up to 20' x 6.5', not only for Light Box Solutions, but for many unique needs such as curved, round, cylinder, branding and outdoor applications.

Custom Light Panels can be created to reflect your corporate branding. Custom sizes allow you to get a new panel for each of your particular signage needs. Our low cost and custom sizes make it easy to replace troublesome backlit fluorescent displays with more reliable, environmentally friendly displays.

We can meet the most demanding timeline for custom products; we get concept drawings and a working sample out to you as fast as possible. We understand the pressures of deadlines and will do our best to work with you to give the product you need when you need it.

Custom LED lit panels   led poster wall

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